The first two CHPs out of a total of five started operating

The first two CHP units, out of a total of five supplied by Duing d.o.o., marks a significant milestone in the commencement of the Renovation of the Heating System Project for the City of Rijeka (KK.04.3.04).

This endeavor is part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of the heating system and bolstering the reliability of heat energy supply within the City of Rijeka. It encompasses substantial investments in the modernization of production facilities, specifically heating plants, as well as an extensive overhaul of the distribution network, all designed to facilitate a seamless transition toward an energy-efficient centralized heating system.

Within the scope of this undertaking, four existing production facilities are undergoing renovation. Notably, three of these facilities, namely Vežica, Malonji, and Srdoči, are being modernized through the incorporation of cogeneration devices, enabling the simultaneous generation of both heat and electricity.

The cogeneration units currently operational in the Malonji heating plant, manufactured by the esteemed German company 2G Energy AG, serve as exemplars in this regard. The units installed are of the following types:

agenitor 412 EG (445kWel / 617kWth)

agenitor 408 EG (360kWel / 446kWth)

The reconstruction efforts of the Vežica and Srdoči heating plants are nearing completion, paving the way for the imminent commissioning of the remaining three cogeneration units.