Innovative Energy Concepts

Innovative Energy Concepts.

A CHP plant can provide more than electricity and heat. If innovative energy concepts are involved.

Combine cleverly and save even more energy.

Ventilating offices, generating hot steam for the food industry and tipping the scales when it comes to a stable decentralised energy supply of the future. Combined heat and power generation does all of that. And a highly efficient power plant by 2G especially. Especially if innovative energy concepts are involved. In combination with absorption chillers, steam generators and heat accumulators. Or integrated in virtual power plants for the stabilisation of the electricity grid

Accumulating heat.

By integrating a heat accumulator, the heat production can be isolated from electricity production allowing the 2G power plant to be used flexibly.

Cooling with heat.

Using an absorption chiller, the heat produced from combined heat and power generation is converted and used for environmentally-friendly room ventilation, for example.

Raising the temperature.

Integrated in steam, hot water and thermal oil applications, 2G power plants can provide customised solutions, such as for the food industry.

Post-treating exhaust gas.

By integrating catalyst technology into a 2G power plant, harmful substances, small quantities of which are still contained in the exhaust gas, are removed thus ensuring that the TA Luft regulations are met.

Processing gas.

After the natural fermentation process, biogas often still contains residues of substances such as sulphur. Biogas is processed using activated coal filters and gas cooling.

Replacing the grid.

It is not always possible or practical to connect to a stable electricity grid. 2G power plants are suitable for standalone operation and can provide backup power in emergencies.

Continuously variable controlling.

Unlike major power plants, CHP plants can regulate the output within a very short time. 2G power plants are continuously variable between 50 and 100 percent of the output range and adapt to the actual energy requirements using modern controlling technology.

Virtual power plant.

2G power plants are equipped with a special interface enabling their simple connection to virtual power plants and therefore allowing them to participate in the Electricity Balancing Market.