About cogeneration

Combined Heat & Power Generation. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

The simultaneous generation of mechanical energy and useful heat is called combined power and heat (CHP) generation. While the mechanical energy is converted directly into electricity, the heat can be used to heat, cool or generate steam (see page 25). The heat resulting from the electricity generation therefore does not simply escape into the atmosphere unused, but is put to good use. This makes combined heat and power technology so efficient and environmentally friendly. Up to 40 percent of primary energy is saved. CO2 emissions fall by up to 60 percent compared to conventional electricity generation in large power plants.

Why use combined heat and power generation in business and municipalities

There are many reasons for using combined heat and power generation in industry and trade establishments as well as in the municipal sector. The most important are:

  • State of the art: Combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) are technically sophisticated and have been proven in practice in thousands of applications.
  • Cost reduction: A CHP plant uses the utilized energy very efficiently, which leads to a significant reduction in energy costs.
  • Independence: With a CHP plant, you can largely become independent of energy price trends.
  • Reliability of supply: The availability of electricity and heat is guaranteed on a continual basis.
  • Climate protection: The primary energy used is utilized optimally. CO2 emissions are comparably low.


Combined Heat & Power Generation. The ideal addition to renewable energies.

Turn the electricity generation system in Germany upside down, which is a good thing. We are committed to having combined heat and power generation technology play the role it deserves: that of being an important cornerstone in the energy supply of the future.Three reasons:

  • Not only can combined heat and power generation provide electricity and heat highly efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner, it can also be connected to the general supply network thus stabilising the system.
  • With combined heat and power generation, both fossil fuels and renewable primary energy sources can be converted to electricity and heat as needed.
  • Combined heat and power generation is the ideal addition to the renewable energy system as it guarantees a reliable supply even in times of "darkness".