agenitor (75 - 450 kW)

Hydrogen CHP - future technology ready now.

Hydrogen is considered an important storage medium for generating green electricity generated from renewable sources, e.g. wind power or solar power, and by means of a combined heat and power unit a time-shifted use. With the agenitor engines, 2G has succeeded in adapting a tried and tested, highly efficient natural gas CHP plant so that it can use pure hydrogen with comparable economy and reliability for the decentralised generation of electricity and heat.


At a glance


  • 100% green hydrogen (H2) as a climate-neutral fuel for combined heat and power
  • Highly efficient, field-tested natural gas engines of the agenitor type as the basis for the 2G hydrogen CHP
  • Hydrogen CHP can be used by public utilities and other energy suppliers as well as by industrial and commercial companies
  • Wide range of gas types can be used: from pure hydrogen to variable gas mixtures with natural gas or lean gases
  • Hydrogen engine CHP more robust and cheaper than fuel cells
  • Delivery as a ready-to-connect container solution possible
  • 2G as a project partner in the groundbreaking H2 project of Stadtwerke Haßfurt
  • Handelsblatt Energy Award 2018/2019 for 2G H2 CHP


Indispensable for the energy transition and the 2050 carbon zero goal

Renewable hydrogen as a climate-neutral fuel for CHP plants


The expansion of renewable energies is a central pillar of the energy transition. By 2025, 40 to 45 percent of the electricity consumed in Germany should come from renewable energies. The most important renewable energy sources are sun and wind. In order to ensure a reliable power supply even in times of the "dark doldrums", it is necessary to save excess generation and make it available as needed. Power-to-gas technology uses green electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. 2G's CHP units use this regeneratively produced hydrogen as a climate-neutral fuel in order to convert it back into electricity - and also heat or cold - in a highly efficient, economically attractive and technically robust manner.