Completion of the project

The last two cogenerators, also supplied by Duing d.o.o. for the Rijeka City Heating System Renewal Project (KK.04.3.04), have started producing thermal and electrical energy.


With this step, the project aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the heating system and the reliability of the thermal energy supply in Rijeka has been completed. It involved investing in the modernization of production plants (heating plants) and the distribution network, with a gradual shift to an energy-efficient centralized heating system.

As part of the project, 4 existing production plants were renovated, including the installation of cogeneration devices for simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy in 3 production plants (Malonji, Srdoči, Vežica).


Unlike other locations where more compact cogeneration modules were used, Vežica is the largest in terms of power, so the cogeneration modules from the 2G Energy AG avus series were used.

2G avus 800e (854kWel / 977kWth) and 2G avus 1600e (1714kWel / 1944kWth) at the Vežica location are combined with two existing boilers, making it the largest production plant (heating plant) in the city of Rijeka.

We thank our partners AT Eneko d.o.o. and Mi Maris d.o.o., as well as all subcontractors, for the successful realization of the project, and wish Energo d.o.o., the end user, a successful future with the new, more modern plants.