The third cogeneration unit started heating Rijeka

In the western part of the city of Rijeka, in the Srdoči district, a cogeneration module has started operating. In combination with the existing boiler, it produces thermal energy for heating the neighborhood, while also generating electrical energy that is supplied to the distribution network.


The cogeneration module, type: 2G agenitor 412 EG (445kWel / 617kWth), installed in the Srdoči heating plant is a product of the German company 2G Energy AG.

This is the third of a total of five cogenerators that Duing d.o.o. has supplied for the Rijeka City Heating System Renewal Project (KK.04.3.04).

The project aims to increase the energy efficiency of the heating system and the reliability of the thermal energy supply in the city of Rijeka by investing in the modernization of production plants (heating plants) and the distribution network, with a gradual transition to an energy-efficient centralized heating system.