g-box (20 - 50 kW)

The g-box at a glance.

•Natural gas CHP range with an electrical output of 20 to 50 kW
•Runs on natural gas or biomethane; g-box 20 also with liquid gas
•Ready-for-connection, super-quiet compact module
•Very economical with high thermal efficiency thanks to calorific value technology (as standard)
•Long running times, reliable and low maintenance
•Modular assembly allows insertion into narrow buildings
•Completely water-cooled, no air inlet or outlet required, thus reducing installation costs
•Energy efficiency class A++ (according to 2010/30/EU)

What conditions are required on site?

•At least 8 m² of set-up area in the building
•Gas connection (or liquid gas for the g-box 20) is available or can be installed
•Ceiling height in the set-up room should be at least 1.95 m
•At least 0.8 m wide access to set-up room

g-box 20 and g-box 50. Outputs and efficiency levels.

The g-box is suitable for commercial buildings or entire housing complexes with heating consumption of at least 120,000 kWh or at least 12,000 litres of heating oil a year. Typical areas of use are:

•Senior citizen centres and hospitals
•Schools and kindergartens
•Shopping centres
•Swimming pools
•Administrative buildings
•Housing complexes